Move mouse to eat.

Eat to grow teeth.

Grow teeth to consume.

Consume to to have an ephemeral and futile sense of agency in this decaying world.

Teeth Simulator does not stop, ever.

Best enjoyed in fullscreen.

Ratings, support and comments on Teeth Simulator are all super welcome and encourage further development.

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Development log


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I grew a tooth in my head and now I look like a unicorn :D


A super cool game >v< 

In the beginning, it was super "atmospheric" and kinda creepy. I loved how our eyes got more and more wild as we CoNsUmEd more and more, our jaw flopping around like a balloon bereft of air. The way the eyes changed color and craziness was awesome--like we were eating ourselves into a frenzy.

Then I noticed something. That giant Schnozz. 

As I played the game more and more I confess I stopped trying to eat and tried to toss the "food" up in the air with our whopper sniffer. It's so hilarious--us trying to consume some food, but our gigantic smeller just yeets the food across the screen.

In conclusion--you did a fantastic job!!

Thanks! That's very good to read :D

This makes me want to improve the game further... when I have the time.


you sound like bubbling secretions



Wait, this is illegal.


everything about this is super rad !! i love the style and even the sounds omg its so sick !! :DD

Such enthusiasm, thank you!


this vibes hard. huge fan of this.

Thank you, it's very appreciated


Why have you done this


Don't know why people say this is weird. I eat like this all day everyday. And if my food gets stuck in my head, oh well.


Sadly, regular humans aren't what they used to be.


welp, the tooth fairy would be very happy.

p.s game starts at 11:34

She would indeed. Thanks for sharing the teeth!

i sort of have a tooth stuck in my head welp

Like a narwhal! You're on the right track, your dentist would be proud.


hehe >:3


Thank you, now I know how it feels to have teeth. (Game starts at 0:07)

Please check out the video and my channel: VladMan. Thank you!


I can see you managed to get 10 teeth, well done! The 22 others are harder to get. Thank you for putting Teeth Simulator out there :)


So everyone can know what it feels like to have teeth.




this is what I imagine it's like to take to much benedryl 




I love the style and this sounds.

Thank you for the feedback 🦷


I somehow got one of my own teeth stuck in my forehead : )

I guarantee you there are more where it's coming from. In an effort to deliver a realistic simulator, I made sure it was possible to have up to 32 teeth, like a normal adult human. I had to get creative with where they would grow though.

Ah, I see. I thought it had somehow fallen out and gotten lodged right in my noggin.


I wish I could give you better feedback, but I guess the best I can do is describe how I feel playing it.

This game provides the feeling unease, like I am being taken to a universe where I don't understand the core laws of physics. I don't know if I should be happy eating the food, or not. I don't know if progress is being made or not. I don't even know where I am. This just leads to more questions, but the downside is I don't feel like I will get answers. It reminds me of watching the dark web videos and stuff, it strange as the lack of answers. I want answers but at the same time, I think if you told me this was all a stunt or this is real and horribleness... I would lose interest completely. So... I don't know if that good review or not but, that what I can provide.

This is awesome feedback. Thank you for the insight, it may prove useful in future games.

As for answers, this devlog explains most of the design process and decisions. As the original game was made in about 15 hours (during a 48 hour game jam) I was aiming for something simple: a feeling. In that sense, it is more about what the game provides than about what the game is. Whatever the reality behind the game, the feeling of unease you had is still real.


Yeah, I read your devlog. I really found it equally insightful. I hope to see future games of yours.


This game is so trippy! xD And I mean that in a good way. I was a little confused as to what was going on, but I kept eating everything anyways haha. I also like your aesthetic and sound effects--sets a really eerie vibe.


Thanks, glad you liked it.


That was a  fun play . The sounds are super weird and satisfying ,but the controls where a bit hard to git into , it took me some time to figure out how to play and they were really unresponsive maybe that upcoming left button will solve the issue . Other than that it's was really fun and addictive , it's would be perfect if there was some progression ( some power ups or level system ?) because it feels repetitive when you play it for more than 10 min .

ps : it's was interesting to read your thought process in the devlog .  because of the simple  looks and mechanics I didn't realize how much  thoughts and effort was put into this game  , when i first played . I hope that you will improve more in the future !!


Thank you :)


I've been growing teeth for 5 minutes now and while I fully understand the loop im stuck in, I cant stop.


I've been playing this for way longer than i should've

The theme of the jam being "out of control", the fact that the game made you "lose control" makes it even more fitting of the theme. I'm glad you had fun :)