About this game

The Legend of Pitou is a fangame of The Messenger. Every character seen in here (Pitou, Soldier and Shopkeeper) are personal interpretations of the property of Sabotage Studio. To really grasp what is going on in this game, you need to have played The Messenger and be part of its Discord community. 

The game was made with Bitsy, a free, and very simple, game making tool. In fact, making this game took me about 30 minutes.

About The Messenger

I am in no manner affiliated with The Messenger. I am just a fan who happened to have an theory about a particular event in the game and I also happen to make games. The Messenger is an awesome platformer released on Nintendo SwitchPS4 and PC developed by Sabotage Studio and published by Devolver Digital. You should give it a try!


Pure coincidence led this game to be released on Pitou's 2nd birthday. Here is his birth certificate as provided by his creator, Sylvain Cloutier:

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