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i think your going to win the low spec game jam


This is a pretty good game with lots of potential that can be attained if used right. I really liked the concept too. I did get a little bit of jumpscares here and there. In the game I noticed that the placement of the "black cube" that gets you into the next level was in the same place. I guess that's ok because as the level get harder you can keep going to the same place to get to the next level, but getting to level 5 (In the video I put score count lol) I can never get used to the very high sensitivity and end up dying. It also makes sense why there wasn't any background music in-game because you had to listen to the monstre, but it would be nice to add some music on the title screen. My computer isn't all that very good so I am glad that I had no lag or any other issues while playing the game. Big thanks to the developers for that. Again, this was a nice game to play! My highest score was 5, what's the highest score you can get? Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the awesome review! Timeboxing ourselves to 4 hours (3 hours of development + 1 hour of polish) proved to be a big challenge. It forced us to skim the design again and again to respect our self-imposed 4 hour limit. In fact, the randomization of the placement of the black cube was next on our todo list. Other fun fact: The monster going through walls was a bug that we decided would not be fixed as it made the game scarier.

Thanks again for your review, and for playing our game. I haven't made it past 5 points yet, but I think it might be doable.

What engine did you use?

If not did you built it from scratch?

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Hi Nick,

We made this game with Unity.

Apart from the engine, everything was made from scratch (art assets, code, sounds and music) although we used some tools. Art was made with Paint.NET, sounds were made with Bfxr and music was made with As for our IDE (the program in which we write code), it was Visual Studio Code.


Thanks for the answear!

I appreciate it.


The game is an interesting concept, however the sensitivity starts REEEAAALLLY high. It was hard to even attempt the game.

To be honest, the game shouldn't be a horror game, it isn't even that scary of a jumpscare. I actually would've made it more abstract and have it be some sort of "Cursed" game or rom hack. Like the name though.

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Thanks for your feedback! Although we decided, before event starting to create the game, that we would let it as it is forever (so it remains "that game we did in 4 hours") we will take your feedback about input sensitivity into consideration for future projects. About the genre, I'd say you are right. This game is too experimental to be labelled; fixing it this instant.

[edit] Didn't realize there was #experimental and #abstract until now. Fixed!

It seems like the inputs are way more sensitive in the WebGL build (the one in the browser) than on the other builds (at least the Windows one). We'll see what we can do about that as the WebGL build does not provide the intended experience.